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WinRAR versus PeaZip

👤 🕔 August 4, 2014 0

Are you looking for a reliable compression and file archiver? If so, there 2 softwares you can check that may suite your taste. It’s the WinRAR and the PeaZip. But what is the difference between the two software’s and which is more reliable? WinRAR is considered to be a shareware file archiver and a utility tool that comes with free trial for users to be able to assess and see whether the software is perfect or not.

WinRAR is capable of creating archived files in ZIP format or even on proprietary RAR format. This software can also unpack a lot of archived file formats. WinRAR perfectly works under Microsoft Windows in its Graphical User Interface or GUI mode. There are command-line versions of this software, which is called “RAR” and “UNRAR” that was released in the year 1993). WinRAR is highly commendable as it works great too on other platforms like Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows console mode, and  of course MS-DOS.

PeaZip on the other hand is a free software without the need for any trial time that is also perfect for creating and opening files in ZIP format fast and easy. PeaZip can also handle and read RAR files, unfortunately it can’t write them, which is said to be the only archive format most users we wished the PeaZip software can support. Experts described PeaZip’s user interface to be clean and well-designed plus a user-friendly interface. However, PeaZip users need to take extra precaution when trying to install this utility for it too will install the AVG Security Toolbar and may possibly change your preferred homepage as well as your preferred search functions to AVG Secure Search as its default settings. Luckily, PeaZip usage allows user a chance to customize its installation where add-ons can easily be avoided.

Because PeaZip is for free, it comes with not as much maintenance as other paid software’s. If users checked on PeaZip operation, mostly claimed it was not at all fast enough, the brighter side though is that PeaZip is free to download, and a lot easier to use even for those inexperienced users or non-hardcore users who are not really fond of using RAR files. Now, if WinRAR ad PeaZip is presented to you, which among the two will you choose?

Both are great archivers, the only difference is that PeaZip comes for free while WinRAR comes only in free trial version in which users will have to pay to use it further after the trial. Now, WinRAR may be a paid software however it comes with good amount of security. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you spend for WinRAR because in return it will give you security with fast and robust features.

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