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During installing the software, some software suggestions may be presented and/or offered to the users. The users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions.

Privacy Policy

We all know that an end-users privacy is one the most important and critical aspect any website team considers and values. Therefore, having a privacy policy in a given website is a must. This is why our team presents you with this privacy policy to assure all end-users that visiting our site is safe and secure. Bear in mind that a privacy policy is also similar to a EULA as it serves as a legal bind or document between the site’s team and the end-user and that any information gathered online will not be divulged or given to other users.


Collected Information


Just like any other software websites, our site may also gather pertinent information that are personal. Out team will only collect the basic information such as the name of the end-user who have entered or use our site, the user’s address and telephone number, and of course the e-mail address which are all collected with the user’s permission and voluntary approval. Please note that in case the end-user is not comfortable providing his or her personal information, opting out of our site is an option.


Why Do We Gather Information


There are dozens of reasons as to why we want to collect or gather information of all our end-users. First of all, we want to provide a personalized experience. Therefore, by gathering basic information such as the users name is one way to provide a personalized experience. As much as possible, we want to address the users by their names and the basic information that will be gathered will be very helpful. Second, we want to easily contact end-users for any upcoming changes or opportunities we may provide. Through the basic information such as the e-mail address, our team will find it easier to contact each end-user and inform them of any changes on our site. Of course, we also want to be the best and by gathering vital information give us an edge as compared to other sites. The information gathered will give us an idea of the statistics and how well our site is doing. Therefore, we are happy to inform end users that these are the main reasons why we collect information.


Access to End-Users Information


We highly value the trust and privacy of all our end-users, therefore any information we have collected on our site is kept in an utmost manner wherein no one can access it. However, if the end-user decides to delete any information we have collected, we will be happy to comply and access the stored data without divulging any other information entrusted to use to other end-users or businesses.


End-Users Security


It is true that we have a large number of end-users in our site, however we make sure that all gathered information are securely protected and are carefully managed, in order to avoid misuse of the gathered information, possible losses and even alteration. In addition, we also use high end technology to make sure that vital information is hidden from hackers and possible phishing acts.


Disclosure of End-Users Information


Again, we value the trust given to us by our end-users so rest assured that any information will not be given away to anyone unless sought after by the court of law or by any judicial and government agency uses. Subpoenas and any warrants are honoured by our site hence, in cases of any legal proceedings, end-users must be aware that our site will comply with it.


Business Possibilities


If in case our team has decided to merge with other businesses, end-users must be aware that any assets we have will also be merged with our partner business. Because end-users information are considered as an asset of our site, this only means that all end-user information we have gathered will also be merged to our new business partner. Merging of gathered information does not necessarily mean that we will give away the vital information entrusted to us by our end-users.


Along with the business merging comes the merging of the gathered data, however not a single information will be misused, divulged to the public or given away in exchange of money. Yes, this is how we manage collected information and we will continuously do so in the event business opportunities may come our way.


Other Options


Our team is aiming to provide all end-users an unforgettable experience. Therefore, if in case you are not happy using our site and the software we have provided, end-users will always have an option to stop using our service, featured software and website. Again, don’t forget to read and run through the information we have provided on our EULA page and of course, our Privacy Policy page in order for you to enjoy the use of our site as well as feel secure and protected all the time.