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During installing the software, some software suggestions may be presented and/or offered to the users. The users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions.

How to Install & Uninstall WinRAR

WinRAR is recognized as among the most downloaded compression software today. It is very efficient program in managing and safeguarding your favorite and confidential files and data. It also supports wide range of formats which comprises zipped, unzipped and even encryption files and more. Besides, it is comprehensible utility application which easily established interaction with the system. Everyone is capable of putting in the software as fast and comfortable as they can. To give you a brief instruction on how to install WinRAR, a step by step process is specially prepared for you.


Installing WinRAR in your System:


WinRAR is said to be distributed in several editions to ensure that there is always a copy to suit your organization. It bears also a diversity of ways to cope with the requirements of your personal computer or laptop. This file archiver tool is distributed for both 64-bit and 32-bit system to make it flexible for everyone to use. It has minimal file size that can match exactly the free space of your hard drive.


You need not to have an Internet access to install WinRAR if you already have the downloaded file save on your folder. However, if you wanted to download WinRAR, you simply have to connect you Internet and follow a very quick guide to download WinRAR. Here’s how:


Download WinRAR


1. First, just hit on the WinRAR download button twice.

2. Second, simply click the version icon like “wrar510 ”two times to start the progress of installation.

3. Next, you will see the destination folder on your screen. Confirm it inside the drive C.


It must appear like C:\Program Files\WinRAR and “Install” and Cancel buttons are also visible in the screen. It is best to read all the information from the file to have a brief background about WinRAR before properly installing it. You’re done with the downloading process. Now, it’s time to hit the “Install” tab to finally begin enjoying all the features of the software.


Installation process:


1. Start by clicking the “Install” button once.

2. Now, you’ll see the Setup page on your screen; select all the options that you need by ticking each box. It is recommended that you always read all the instructions thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

3. Finally, take a short click on the “Done” button to successfully install WinRAR on your computer. Now, you’re good to go. You may directly access your best compression tool every time you ask it.


Uninstalling WinRAR in your System:


Oftentimes, uninstalling software like WinRAR is easier and faster as the first time you install it from your system. However, to ensure that you have successfully performed the process, some considerations are followed.  There are also several instances that are thoroughly examined before permanently deleting the software from your file. It can be because the program was no longer used for a while. Another is that, you need to free some space from your drive to pave way for some urgent files. Or so, uninstall the program application from their list to accelerate up the system.


WinRAR is important software that everyone should have in the system. It reduces your files into little zip files without losing or modifying any of the contents. Also, it delivers your attachments through email fast and secure. It throws a lot of benefits to your system, that’s why you need to necessitate to be very keen with the thought of uninstalling it from your data processor.


Tips Before you Uninstall WinRAR:


1. Make certain that you don’t have any program running from your computer for it might affect or leaves error in your system.

2. Follow the guides and instructions carefully to avoid inaccuracy during the installation process.

3. Be ready to reboot or restart your computer if you are prompted with the instruction to do so.

4. You may as well empty the recycle bin to cover bigger free space from your system.


Uninstallation Process:


WinRAR is complete and efficient compression program. It even secures a folder to guide you uninstall the software for your convenience. You can perform it manually and achieve the result as quick as possible.


1. From the WinRAR folder, just run the executable file “uninstall.exe”.

2. Second, follow the steps and restart your computer properly.

3. Then, from your C drive “look for the program file WinRAR” and hit delete.

4. Its bare, you’ve successfully initiated the uninstallation steps manually.


Here is another way to uninstall WinRAR from your computer. Choose the best method that bests suits you.


1. First, hit the “Start” button once.

2. Next, move your mouse to the “Control Panel”, click it once.

3. Then, hover your mouse to the “Add/Remove” tab and hit it two times.

4. Double check “WinRAR” from the list and click the option “Uninstall”.

5. Wait a little until you’re instructed that the procedure is done. Restart the computer to complete the whole process. It’s fast and effective.