WinRAR is a unique compression software allows you to open, create, and manage many types of compressed files through its streamlined interface. WinRAR offers set of features for managing compressed files. Download WinRAR free today.Download will start immediately by clicking the Download Button. Please consult our Website'sTerms & Conditions.

During installing the software, some software suggestions may be presented and/or offered to the users. The users are allowed to accept or decline such suggestions.


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Our site features the use of WinRAR compression tool and interested users must know that the software we have on our site comes with protection and is free from computer viruses. Therefore, should you decide to download and install the software on our site for personal use, please note that our featured software is safe to use. However, in the process of your download and installation and should there be any technical issues that may arise, our site is not in any way liable or responsible for it. This is why proper download and installation is highly required of you. To ensure that you are doing the right process of download and installation, please make sure to read the steps we have provided to download the featured software safely and properly.


Terms of Use


We highly suggest that end-users read carefully and review all the given information in this EULA page in order to avoid any problems or misunderstanding when using the software featured on our site. Please note that all the terms and conditions we have laid upon applies to all the given contents and software on our site and the services we provide. Should you decide to continue using our site and browse it freely, this only means that you have agreed to our terms and conditions. If in case you are not happy and strongly disagree to the terms provided, feel free to stop browsing our site and contact us for further information or any questions you want to clarify.


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Software Limitations


The software we have presented or featured on our site comes with limitations. First of all, we do not allow anyone to disassemble the feature featured for it is against the law and to the terms and conditions laid upon by the manufacturer or author of the software. Therefore, whoever is caught disassembling the software featured may be investigated by the court of law. Reverse engineering must not be done; no fees must not be imposed unless the software comes with an accompanying fee or price with the manufacturer’s approval.


Things to Note before Using the Site


Before browsing our site, you must make sure to double check and note the following information:


1. Read our EULA page completely – Before end-users start downloading and installing our featured software, make sure you have read everything carefully and have understand all the details. The information provided on our EULA may be boring and quite long however you will benefit a lot from the information provided. Security and risks are provided in our EULA page so be wise enough to read all information.


2. Take into Consideration the Involved Software Publisher – Make sure to double check who is the manufacturer or the publisher of the software. If you have any questions, you can contact our team for further clarification.


3. Firewall Prompts – As a responsible end-user of any software, you must be aware about Firewall prompts especially when you are installing a software in your computer. Bear in mind that any software download and installation that requires you to allow few traffics to pass along your Firewall may be a cause for concern. So make sure you are aware of this too.


Now that you are aware of the different things to check before using our site and the featured software, please run through everything and download our featured software without the need of worrying. Again, we feature a 100% virus free software, no spyware, malware or any advertisements. If you happen to have important questions about the use of our featured software and our website or any privacy issues you want to clear, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly and we will be happy to respond as soon as we can.