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Why Should You Compress Your Files?

👤 🕔 November 15, 2014 0

Every technological gadget has its limitations, no matter how promising it may be. Take the case of computers. Why do you think they only have up to 500GB RAM or computer geeks introduce new features and advancements in technology? It is because computers can only process this much and function slowly when there is only little hard drive space left.

This is where file compression comes in.

A file compression software looks into your computer’s data file and checks any redundancies and repetitions in it. Using a mathematically encoded program, it will create a new and smaller file to free up space in your computer’s hard drive.

Still, a lot of people think that file compression is not needed, especially when external hard drive are made available in many computer stores.

Well, here is why you should compress your files.

Why Should You Compress Your Files?

 Why Should You Compress Your Files?

It saves you disk space

Again, every computer can only accommodate up to certain amount of files. If you have a lot of small files in your hard drive which you rarely use, then compressing these files are advisable to free up some space. Once compressed, you can even delete the original files so you can store new ones.

Easier and more convenient downloads

Imagine sending an important 100MB file to your colleague. Obviously, Google Mail or whatever mail provider you are using cannot process this type of file since it is only limited to 25MB. Chopping the files off, which is also next to impossible, is definitely out of the picture. By compressing large files, it is easier and quicker to send files as email attachments. Compressed files have fewer bits of data, thereby taking up less network bandwidth.

A little tip: many email servers are allergic to files that end in .zip. If you are sending over an email attachment with zip file in it, make sure to rename the attachment.

Added security

Do you have important and private files you don’t want to share to the world? In this case, file compression tools can help. Most compression programs allow you to encrypt and decompress files by typing a password for confidentiality and privacy. Without the password, the files will only look like meaningless and nonsense jumble of data.

Lowers your cost

You noticed that your computer is getting slower because of too much files. Instead of sorting out the files that can be removed, you decided to buy a second hard drive where you can save more files – which is costly. Aside from this, Internet Service Providers also charge you according to the amount of date you download and upload. Sending uncompressed files means higher Internet charges.

What do you think? Compressing files is worth a shot,  right?

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