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WinRAR | File Archiver

Have you ever tried using a compression utility tool? Were you satisfied with it or not? We all know that saving large files may consume or occupy a lot of your hard drive space; however with the use of compression tool, saving large files and saving disk space are now possible.


So if you are tired of using your old compression tool, you can make use of the most popular that works superbly and impressively. Compression utility tool is now highly in demand due to the fact that almost all things are now done online. WinRAR is one the best compression utilities for it is far more advanced as compared to other programs.

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The need to download this compression tool is a must for dozens of positive reasons. As a start, let’s first define what WinRAR is. WinRAR is a program archiver and at the same time a data compression tool that is capable of creating archive files in formats such as ZIP or the Proprietary RAR. So what are the different reasons for downloading this tool? There are dozens and here are some of the reasons to note.




Download WinRAR to experience the complete support it has for archive files such as RAR and ZIP and at the same time, it is able to unpack other archive files such as the ISO, JAR, ACE, TAR, CAB, LZH 7Z and more than you can think of. So if you want a compression tool that is highly reliable and efficient, nothing could top WinRAR, so download it for better and complete file support.


WinRAR is a complete package. When we say complete package, it includes add-ons. Yes, unlike other compression tool which requires you to separately check other add-ons, WinRAR download is a complete package. This means that upon download of this program, you instantly have access to a complete package of technology. Therefore, there’s no need to check and purchase other add-ons to come along with your WinRAR. The WinRAR program itself has self-extracting files and add-ons included for comfort and ease of use.


If you seek for a compression tool with high end security, WinRAR can offer you this too. This is in fact another good reason for downloading WinRAR. It uses AES or formally known as the Advanced Encryption Standard that provides WinRAR the needed strength and security when it comes to encryption of archive files.


Because WinRAR uses AES, this simply means that it comes with a strong encryption algorithm that protects files which is also used by other government agencies and even the military. Believe it or not, WinRAR is not only durable but also flexible. This program is capable of supporting a file and archive size as much as 8,589 billion GB.


Download WinRAR


Download WinRAR for it is powerful in the sense that it can reconstruct and even recover physically damaged files or archives. These are few of the many reasons why WinRAR must be downloaded. In addition, WinRAR must not be missed for it is said to be constantly developed to ensure that it is always ahead of the competition.


When it comes to the operating system used, WinRAR runs with almost all types of major operating systems. If you are a Windows user, download WinRAR and be able to run it on Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 9x and as an added bonus, it comes in many different languages.


Download WinRAR Windows


The use of WinRAR console mode also runs on different OS such as Linux, DOS, BeOS, OS/2 and more. Overall, WinRAR is a positive compression tool that most users claimed as something that does not have any negative features. Using WinRAR gives you an opportunity to always be ahead; this tool consistently compresses archives without problems and works faster too!


By downloading WinRAR you are also saving disc space and as well as your precious time. So if you want to be ahead of the competition, there’s no other compression tool to download other than WinRAR.


Download WinRAR Mac


To seal the deal and show you that WinRAR is indeed the best among the rest, you must note that it is the leading archiver of all archivers for it is capable or recovering files in volume. Yes, not just a small file but rather a volume or even multi-volume set.


If you’re having issues splitting archive files, fret no more for it enables you to split your files and be able to save your selected files in different and separate disks. The use of WinRAR is simply advantageous; it works well even if you are a novice user and if it’s your first time to use a file compression utility tool. So what are you waiting for? Download WinRAR now and start experiencing the above mentioned reasons why WinRAR is the best and start changing how you save or archive your files.


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